Love Discounts?

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Xircle Membership

A subscription membership programme that offset prices through the X$ credits system.

Provides great discounts on products and services while earning X$ credit rebates.

What are X$ Credits?

  • The value of X$1 credit is worth RM1
  • Offset prices up to 20% for all products and services on Xstore.
  • Enjoy 10% X$ credits rebate after every purchase.

One click, offset prices

with X$ credits

  • Filter "X$ Eligible Only" in Xstore
  • Add selected product to cart
  • Apply X$ credit to the product
  • More affordable product purchases, without losing great performance and value

Not just for products, even repair services too.

X$ credits can be used to offset prices for requesting repair services. This is applicable to the repair services provided by our partners.

Ways to earn X$ credits

Buy More, Save More!

Earn X$ credits through all your purchases and service repair requests.

Get a deal, pass it on

Refer a friend to join Xircle, both of you get RM70 each!

Simply share your referral code when your friend sign up Xircle membership.

Why should you join Xircle Membership?

Whether you’re a techie, homeowner, student, or even a businessman, this Xircle Membership Programme is suitable for you!

From shopping electronics to requesting repair services, you'll always be earning back greater value and exclusive deals from a whole range of electronics and home appliances for all out growing lists of valued partners.

Looking for other ways to get good deals?

Just simply buy any one of the selected products and get FREE Xircle Membership with no extra cost!


Where to find my Xircle referral link or code?

Xircle Members may proceed to "My Account", then towards "Invite and Earn" under the Xircle section to view their referral link or code.

How do my friends and family apply my Xircle referral link or code?

For referral link, copy it from the "Invite and Earn" page through "My Account" page. Simply let your friends or family click the link you shared to them. Once they have "add to cart" the products' bundle with Free Membership, the referral column will be auto filled for them, applying the referral code straight to the column which brings the referral rewards after the order has been made.