Moyu Mini Washer - 5 Smart & Efficient Features You Should Know

Do you need a travel-sized washing machine?

Leong Wah Sion
| November 2022

Or do you live in a rental home and is looking for a mini washing machine to save space without breaking the bank? If yes, then the Moyu Mini Washer is for you. Equipped with a unique state-of-the-art UV light sterilization for both during and after wash disinfection, the Moyu Mini Washer is an excellent alternative to a full-sized home appliance and it is just as effective at cleaning clothes. 

Even with a smaller load capacity, the Moyu mini washer with UV light sterilization penetrates deep into fabrics to eliminate stains, odor, and dirt while saving you energy and water as an efficient smart appliance with outstanding performance compared to conventional washers. Here are some features that explain how:

Washing and Drying Function

Moyu Mini Washer

In addition to the benefit of a smaller footprint, the Moyu Mini Washer allows you to wash and dry your clothes with one command. It is also designed to fit perfectly into any limited space such as dorms, apartments, motor homes, and condos, and can be carried in your bag for convenient and stress-free laundry during vacations. 

  • Energy Efficient Motor

Moyu Mini Washer

Despite its size, the Moyu Mini washing machine is extremely powerful! This small device spins at 550 rotations per minute (RPM), which produces enough power to thoroughly clean all your clothing while using less electricity (around 40w). Despite having a tiny washer's wash power, it maintains the quality of your garments.

  • UV Sterilization 

Moyu Mini Washer 

Aside from the convenience that comes from owning a Moyu Mini Washer, the appliance goes further to protect you from germs and other bacteria that might have inhabited your clothes by featuring UV light sterilization. The Moyu mini washer’s sterilization UV light adds an additional layer of protection to your fabrics by killing 99.99% of bacteria and uses a low wash temperature for long-lasting fabric care. 

  • Environmental Friendly

Moyu Mini Washer

Due to the UV light sterilization capacity of the Moyu Mini washer, this appliance is considered the best eco-friendly washing machine in the market. This is because the wastewater from the washing machine is also disinfected and thus anything the drainage touches will not have additional harmful germs. It also uses just only 1/15 of the water needed to supply a regular wash and dry-spins at an extremely fast speed. 

  • Versatility 

Moyu Mini Washer

One of the reasons why the Moyu Mini Washer remains a great buy is because of its versatility. Unlike regular washing machines that can only wash and squeeze your clothes, the Moyu Mini washer can also serve as a sterilization machine for your kid's toys and even your make-up kits. You can also wash and dry your clothes for immediate use during travel and also store them easily in a bag when not in use, there is just so much you can do with this mini-sized appliance.

To wrap things up..  

Portable washing machines are a thing of wonder and the Moyu Mini Washer is perfect for any person who wants mobility, less power consumption, space management, affordability, durability, and germ-free clothing. Like any smart appliance that Ximple offers, one of the best parts of owning this particular washer is that it does not require any installation! You can order now, unbox it, and start using it immediately.

As the official distributor of the Moyu Mini Washer, we offer an official 1-year warranty to customers who purchase via our Xstore. Be cautious of parallel import as it is not most likely not covered by the manufacturer's official warranty.

Aside from our official warranty, another reason why you should become a member and buy from our Xstore is because of the exclusive member benefits you stand to gain. You will receive: 

    • Moyu Folding Mini washing machine XPBOB-F2 (2nd generation upgraded version)

    • 1-year manufacturer warranty 

    • 1-year Xircle membership 

     X$200 signup bonus (Malaysia) / X$83 signup bonus (Singapore)

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