LG Smart Fridge Review: The Coolest Option Among Smart Fridges?

This is a sophisticated smart fridge with these amazing features

Leong Wah Sion
| June 2022

If you’re currently hunting for a new refrigerator for your new home or thinking of replacing an old one that’s seen better days, you might want to consider getting a smart fridge.

Smart kitchen appliances such as a smart refrigerators are a great investment as they are designed with even better features for our convenience and are also known to be energy-saving.

Take the LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator for instance. It is currently one of the latest LG smart fridges available in the market today that not only boasts of sophistication but is also an incredibly reliable smart fridge with amazing features. 

With that said, let’s explore this smart fridge that will not only be the perfect addition to your home but also make your time in the kitchen worthwhile.

This LG Smart Fridge is Slim & Stylish


Does your fridge feel warm, making your kitchen feel hot and stuffy? Or are you looking for a fridge that is not bulky and takes up so much space? Then the LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator might be just the right fit for your kitchen.

The LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator has a sophisticated sleek design and a slim build of 835mm that can fit perfectly into your kitchen space. 

It is built according to the width of a standard 850mm space for a fridge in most kitchens at home. This leaves about a 10mm space on both sides of the smart fridge for better ventilation. 

So, if you’re thinking of replacing your old fridge with this smart fridge, there’s no need to worry about it not fitting in as it can easily be placed in the space of your previous fridge.

This Smart Refrigerator has a Functional Window


Here’s a fun fact for you: Did you know that the average person is known to open the fridge at least 15 to 20 times a day? Well, it’s not a surprise since we have a special relationship with food. However, did you also know that a significant amount of cold air is lost everytime we open the fridge, affecting the freshness of our food?

With the LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator, you can avoid the unnecessary opening and closing of the fridge. This is because it has a window as part of its prominent exterior feature, and the mirrored glass panel will light up with two quick knocks.  

This way you can get to see the inside of the LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator without needing to open it, which in turn reduces the loss of cold air so that food stays fresh for longer in your smart fridge. 

This smart fridge feature is especially useful when you want to have a peek at your everyday items such as your favourite beverages and snacks, and to see whether it’s time for a trip to the grocery store.

This Smart Fridge is an Energy Saving Hero


It’s not considered a smart fridge if it’s not energy-saving, and the LG smart refrigerators definitely take the crown when it comes to being energy-efficient. 

As we all know, our fridge at home runs 24/7 and is considered one of the highest energy-consuming appliances. 

However, LG’s top-rated durable Inverter Linear Compressor provides energy saving up to 32% and 25% less noise, rendering the LG smart refrigerators including the LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator European Union efficiency rating of A+++ -10%.

This LG Smart Fridge Keeps Food Fresher Longer


With its Inverter Linear Compressor, the LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator also comes with the  LINEARCooling™ feature, which helps this smart fridge to maintain the look as well as the taste of your fresh produce for a longer period of time. This is possible because the Inverter Linear Compressor reduces temperature fluctuations that can affect the freshness of food in the fridge. 

On top of that, the LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator is also able to keep food staying fresh because of its DoorCooling+™ which functions to provide up to 19% faster and more even cooling. The air vent of this smart fridge is located at the front of the fridge, helping it to maintain the temperature while keeping all your food items nice and fresh. 

Currently, the LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator is available in both Malaysia and Singapore

And that is why the LG Instaview Slim French Door Refrigerator is a great smart fridge to own

For a list of other smart fridges and kitchen appliances available in Singapore and Malaysia, just browse through Ximple’s catalogues to find what you’re looking for!

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