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ISAW Edge/Wing Action Camera Review - An Alternative to GoPro?

Unboxing and review for ISAW Edge/Wing Action Camera Camo Edition from Korea

Janice Lee
| December 2021

Are you a thrillseeker looking to document an unlocked achievement? Or are you a travel addict wanting to vlog your travel experiences and share it with the rest of the world? Whether you are a seasoned videographer or a complete beginner, ISAW offers a comprehensive range of action cameras that you can bring along for your next big adventure without burning a hole in your wallet! Introducing the ISAW Edge and ISAW Wing - small action cameras packed with mighty capabilities! Curious to find out what they bring? Read on!


Designed and made in Korea, ISAW’s cameras are made for high-action lifestyles. These cameras are known to be lightweight, durable, compact, and are said to be able to capture high-definition videos even under extreme conditions. With big Korean brands like Samsung and LG dominating the tech space, I’m sure everyone is now curious about these up-and-coming Korean-branded cameras. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Isaw Edge and Wing Action Camera

The First Look at ISAW Edge/Wing Action Camera Camo Edition

Holding the box in my hands already generates some excitement especially since the box nicely showcases the cameras in their full glory. ISAW was also thoughtful to come up with various designs to suit your preferences and needs. While I got both the Edge and Wing in Camo edition and expected them to look pretty similar, I was pleasantly surprised to receive 2 cameras in completely different prints and colours! The box also provides a quick overview of what’s included alongside the camera, which I thought was great to have since accessories do play a huge part when one is considering the purchase of a camera. Isaw Edge and Wing Action Camera

What’s in the Box?

Camera aside, the box comes with a set of basic accessories to get you started on your action camera journey. The camera is fully functional with a battery (also included in the box), so be sure to charge it up before heading out! ISAW has kindly provided the USB cable for charging purposes as well so you don’t have to scramble to find one that fits. There is also a detailed user manual, which I am thankful for considering that I’m not an expert at action cameras myself. One thing to note though is that it doesn’t come with an SD card. But fret not! SD cards are a lot more affordable compared to the past, and you can obtain them at your nearest shopping malls from shops like Challenger and Best Denki. For compatibility with the ISAW cameras, you will need a Micro SD card.

In short, here’s what you will find in both boxes (in addition to the camera of course!):

  • - Waterproof housing

  • - Flat and curved mounts

  • - Adhesive tape 

  • - Screws

  • - Release buckle

  • - Battery

  • - USB charging cable


Isaw Edge Action Camera

Recording Videos or Taking Photos

Even for users who are completely new to ISAW, the intuitive design of these cameras will easily get you started. Still confused? Here’s a short guide:

1. Insert your SD card (slot is found on the left side of the camera’s body)

2. Switch on the camera by long pressing the ON/OFF button at the top of the camera 

3. Click on the REC button (also the ON/OFF button) once to record or take a photo (if you are recording, click the button again to stop)

At any point in time, you can switch between recording and taking still shots by clicking the MODE button. The MODE button also grants you access to the cameras’ playback function, where you can then instantly review the graphics that you have taken.

Mobile fanatics among us will also rejoice to know that you can also control the ISAW cameras using your phones! With the cameras’ in-built Wi-Fi capabilities, simply pair your mobile devices with the camera through the ISAW Viewer II app, available on both Android and IOS devices.

ISAW Edge/Wing Action Camera Setup

For the more seasoned videographers/photographers, you can also choose to customize your camera setup by clicking the (you guessed it!) SETUP button. Here, you can adjust settings like video resolution, shooting modes, brightness, set-up self-timer, etc. Beginners, don’t worry! Manually setting up your cameras is completely optional and rest assured that high-quality videos and photos can still be taken without the need to adjust these settings. Of course, if you’re keen, you can always pick up these skills while you familiarise yourself with the cameras.

Not gonna lie, as a newbie to action cameras myself, it did take me a few tries to successfully navigate around the setup menu. But it was surprisingly easy once I got the hang of it! Of course, you could always choose to refer to the handy manual, but I’ve always been too lazy for that.. 

Essentially, to get around the setup menu,

1. Long press SETUP button to enter or exit setup menu

2. Long press MODE button to access sub-menus i.e. jump from one tab to another

3. Use the SETUP and MODE buttons as ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys 

4. Use the ON/OFF button as an ‘ok’ button

ISAW Edge VS Wing - What’s the Difference?

Isaw Edge Action Camera

On the exterior, apart from the prints on them, the Edge and Wing look and feels identical. Each of them comes with an in-built 1.5” LCD screen and has the same 3 buttons for users to control the cameras. In terms of durability, both are marketed to be shockproof, freezeproof and dustproof - making them great for the outdoors. With the waterproof housing, you can bring both cameras to a depth of 40m for underwater shoots. The difference then lies in the lens. While the Edge boasts a lens of f/2.5 and is made of high-quality 7 elements glass, the Wing’s lens is constructed with a high precision glass of f/2.2. In terms of wide-angle, the Edge captures with a 170º wide-angle lens, while the Wing falls short at only 150º. In addition, while the Edge is able to record up to Ultra HD 4K, the Wing is only capable of recording Full HD videos at 30fps.

To summarise,

 Isaw Edge and Edge Action Camera Spec


Affordability - A good alternative to GoPro

Now that we’ve gone through the technical differences, I’m sure most of you are curious about the price differences. While the Edge is currently retailed at S$279, the Wing is relatively more affordable at S$245

At these prices, I must say that the ISAW action cameras really do come as a steal especially against the conventional GoPro which is considerably more expensive at twice the price. I can’t say that the raw video footage is on par with the GoPro, but I’m sure some differences in video quality can be easily made up with post-production edits. Given how wallet-friendly the ISAW is, I would definitely be willing to spend some extra time editing the videos - but really, is there even a need to edit them?! In my honest opinion, the ISAW cameras deliver at a quality that’s already very impressive and unless you’re really producing a professional film, minimal edits are required and even the raw footage is ready to go. 


Overall, the ISAW Edge and Wing are great cameras for their price and are definitely treasures, especially for beginner action camera users. However, if sound quality is of huge importance to you, you might want to consider upgrading to the more premium GoPro in the future, since the ISAW cameras do not have the capabilities of attaching an external microphone. 

Between the Edge and Wing, the Edge definitely catches my attention a little more since it captures with a wider lens and is able to produce videos that are less shaky since it records at 60fps. That being said, that’s really just a personal preference and if I were given only the Wing, I believe that I would already be thoroughly amazed by what the Wing is capable of.

All things considered, I would say that most people would be highly satisfied with what the ISAW cameras offer - even I couldn’t stop fiddling with them the moment I unboxed them! If you’ve always wanted to give action cameras a try but have been consistently turned off by the steep prices of the GoPro, you definitely need to give the ISAW cameras a shot! 

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