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Setting up the Mesh Gateway Hub with the Downlight (mesh): With each Mesh Gateway Hub, the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth range to the Gateway is up to 10m, without any wall as obstruction. The connection works in this manner: The Downlight is connected (best to pair on phone Yeelight APP by standing below the Downlight) to the Gateway via Bluetooth BLE. The Gateway is connected to the 2.4g internet bandwidth via Wi-Fi / lan cable. Only have to pair the Gateway to one of the Downlight, the remaining Downlights will be automatically paired together~

Subsequently, the Mesh Gateway Hub which is connected via Wi-Fi / lan cable can be connected with AI Voice Control Ready Devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Echo (Alexa).

Yeelight M2 Downlight with Bluetooth Mesh technology. Works with Apple HomeKit via the Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Gateway. When sync to Apple HomeKit, the lights can be switched on within 0.3 seconds. Much faster than any other APPs!