Electric Shaver Price Guide in Singapore 

While wet razors offer a very close shave, they can also be cumbersome to use. Applying shaving cream and ensuring the blade is sharp may not be what you want to think about first thing in the morning either. Using an electric shaver is an effortless way to achieve a clean shave. Our guide can help you find the best electric shaver in Singapore.

Buying the Best Electric Shaver

Even though you may see disposable razors anytime you go to the store, most of these razors are not very pleasant to use. Investing in a quality, multi-blade razor can make shaving a little easier, but you still have to use shaving cream and ensure you have moisturized beforehand.

The advantage of using an electric shaver is that it requires next to no preparation to use. Even if you are rushing in the morning to catch the next bus to work, you can spend one or two minutes with an electric shaver to tidy up your beard or stubble.

An issue that many people face is that finding the ideal shaver is a challenge. Every person has unique hair, while men and women require entirely different electric shavers.

Below is a guide that explains the differences between electric shaver brands, while highlighting the very best electric shaver.

Shaving On Easy Mode

Electric shavers have been around since the 1930s, which is why they are such a refined product. If you are willing to invest in a quality electric shaver, it should last you for many years. The most reputable brands make it easy for you to clean and maintain your shaver, while you can buy replacement blades at affordable prices.

If you are tired of having to spend time washing your face, applying shaving cream, wetting the blade with hot water, and then shaving, you may want to invest in an electric shaver. There are many models that you can use dry, which eliminates so many of the steps that people find frustrating while shaving.

Even if you require a shaver for different purposes, such as shaving your head or eyebrows, you can find a quality product that fits your needs. Finding a reliable hair shaver or eyebrow shaver is easy, especially if you browse our list of the very best shavers on the market.

Electric Shaver Perks

Aside from achieving a very fast and effort-free shave, there are other reasons to opt for an electric shaver. If you need a face shaver for sensitive skin, an electric model is the best option. Regular razors do deliver a very close shave, but they tend to irritate the skin a lot more as well.

If you groom your body hair occasionally or most weeks, you can use an electric shaver without worrying about cuts or skin rashes. Electric shavers are meant to be very soft on the skin, which allows you to shave your face and body before showering or in the shower.

Some electric shaver models come with numerous accessories, which allow you to groom your nose and ear hairs. You can even use these smaller blades to trim your beard or eyebrows. 

Electric Shaver Designs Explained

One of the significant differences between various models of electric shavers is the design. You may notice that some electric shavers have a design that features three circles, while other shavers have a straight foil.

Before choosing the design that best suits your needs, you should understand how both shavers work. A foil shaver cuts your hair using fast-moving blades that go from left to right. 

Meanwhile, a rotary shaver cuts your hair in a circular motion, which can result in a very fast beard and stubble shaving experience.

While using a foil shaver, you generally move up to down and vice versa to shave your hair. Moving a foil shaver side to side on your skin may cause a cut or rash. 

Rotary shavers cut your hair from all angles, which means you can move those shavers along your facial hair in any direction. If you are someone who prefers the absolute easiest experience while shaving in the morning, a rotary shaver may be your best option.

Best Design For Thick Facial Hair

If you have thin facial hair that takes several weeks to build up into a healthy stubble or beard, you will have a good experience with both foil and rotary shavers. Both models should glide on your skin and shave off all your stubble or beard in one try.

People who have thicker facial hair, which builds up into a healthy stubble overnight or within two days, must be more selective. If you have thicker hair, a rotary shaver is unlikely to give you a very close shave.

Rotary shavers are still usable if you have thicker facial hair, but you may still have a very light layer of stubble that will not go away. If you want to get a very close dry shave using an electric shaver, you should invest in a foil shaver.

Shaving Your Head With an Electric Shaver

If you have thinning hair or prefer a clean look, you may choose to shave your head every few weeks. Most electric shavers that you buy to shave your facial hair will not do a great job on your head. 

Anyone who regularly shaves their head should invest in a separate electric shaver. These shavers are designed for haircuts, as they come with scissors, hair clippers of different sizes, and other tools.

Electric Shaver Power Sources

There are two options for electric shaver’s power sources, as these shavers either operate off battery power or require a constant source of electricity. 

Unless you are on a very tight budget and can only afford an electric shaver that requires constant plugging in to operate, you should opt for a battery-powered model. Such shavers plug into electrical outlets for charging but operate flawlessly on battery power.

Top Electric Shavers

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4. Philips SatinShave Essential - Best Lady Shaver

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