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SSD Pricing Guide In Singapore

Tolerating a sluggish computer that takes minutes to open programs and large files is no longer necessary. You don’t need to buy a brand new desktop or laptop to experience a fast operating system. Replacing the hard disk drive (HDD) on your system with a solid state drive (SSD) will dramatically speed up your system. Check our guide below to find the very best SSD in Singapore.

Reasons to Invest in a Solid State Drive (SSD)

Many people believe that one of the most significant upgrades they can make to their computer is by getting a new processor or more ram. While those upgrades do make a difference, they are not going to heavily impact day-to-day usage in the same way as the hard drive.

One of the most impactful upgrades that a person can make to their computer is to shift from a regular hard drive, or a hard disk drive, to a solid state drive. Below are some reasons to invest in solid state drives, or SSDs.

1. Speed Up Your Computer

If you are not happy with how long it takes your computer to open a file or application, you may think that you have a weak processor or are using too much ram. The answer is usually not with those parts, but with your hard drive.

Comparing two computers with identical specifications, where one computer has a HDD and the other a SSD, you will notice how applications and files open a lot faster on the computer with a SSD.

The reason is that an SSD drive will run at a much faster speed, in terms of how it reads and writes files. Since all the programs and files on your computer are stored on this drive, performance is impacted by the drive read and write speeds.

2. Use Less Energy

Whether you go with an NVME SSD or a regular M.2 SSD, you will find that you are achieving excellent performance with both. Another advantage to choosing an SSD is that you are using less energy to achieve the same outcomes.

Hard disk drives take up a lot of energy, which is why they are often a battery drain on laptops. If you have a laptop that is getting a bit older, you may want to invest in a SSD that you can install in its place. You will notice battery life improve, while your computer also stays cooler.

3. Transfer Files Faster

Do you work in a profession where you are often transferring large files from one computer to another? Perhaps you take videos when you are on the go and you want to transfer them onto the hard drive on your laptop or desktop.

Such a process can be painstakingly slow when you are using a regular hard disk drive. The HDD does not have the read and writes speeds necessary to transfer files quickly, which is why moving files that are more than a few GB in size can take hours.

The same process is done a lot faster on SSDs. If you have a M.2 SSD or SATA SSD, you will get performance that is a lot better than a HDD. Those who go even further and invest in NVME SSDs will see the very best results, as those drives have the fastest read and write speeds.

Given the speed of SSDs for file transfer, you may even consider spending some money on an external SSD. Compared to a portable HDD, a portable SSD will give you a much better experience while transfering files.

4. Improve Gaming Experiences

Avid gamers may believe that putting most of their computer budget towards a graphics card is the smart move, but that is not necessarily the case. While you do want to invest in a quality graphics card that lets you play games at 1080p 60fps at minimum, you should also buy a SSD for your computer.

Having a SSD drive instead of a HDD will change your experiences as a gamer. If you play games that have a lot of loading screens, you will experience loading times that are three to ten times faster, depending on the quality of the SSD you purchase.

5. Quick Boot Ups

You may notice how some laptops and desktops can boot up within a few seconds. The device is off and in less than five seconds, you are already at the Windows or Mac login screen.

Such boot-ups are only possible when you invest in a SSD for your laptop. You can buy the best SSD Singapore options for reasonable prices with a very good warranty. Moving all your data onto the SSD will result in your PC booting up and restarting at record speeds.

The days of you having to wait several minutes for Windows to update and then proceed to the login screen are long gone. With an SSD, even the most extensive of updates should be done in a few minutes. That same process can take half an hour on hard drives.

6. Longevity

There are far too many instances where a hard drive fails because it has been spinning for so many years. While HDDs can give you up to a decade of use in good conditions, overuse and high temperatures can drastically reduce their lifespan.

Solid state drives are made to last for a lot longer. If you are running servers or plan to put your computer through heavy use for the coming years, a SSD is a much better investment than a HDD. 

The prices of SSDs are very comparable to HDDs these days, even if you do have to lose out slightly on drive space. So long as you can manage with a slightly lower volume drive, you will get better longevity, performance, and other perks from having a SSD on your desktop or laptop.

Comparing the Best SSDs on the Market Today

One of the facts to know about a solid state drive is that even the slowest SSD will be faster than the highest quality HDD. Even if you invest in a budget SSD, you will see real improvements to your computer’s performance.

To wrap it up, here are some of the very best solid state drives on the market.

1. Samsung SSD - 950 Pro NVME SSD

2. Samsung SSD - 850 EVO SATA III SSD

3. Crucial SSD - P2 3D NAND NVME SSD

4. Seagate SSD - Barracuda Fast SSD External

5. ADATA SSD - SU655 Ultimate SATA SSD