Which is the Best MacBook For You?

There isn’t a line of computers out there that makes quite the statement that a MacBook does. These machines are among the best money can buy in terms of features, build quality, and of course, when you get a Mac, you are getting the trusted Apple brand along with it. 

Have you thought about getting a MacBook for yourself? Which one would be right for you? There’s a MacBook out there for everyone, and it is only a matter of finding out which one of these great laptops would suit you best. It can be quite the difficult decision to make when choosing between these three machines, so knowing a little about each of them could be a huge benefit for you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into all three of the popular laptops made by Apple so you can decide which of these machines would be the best for you to consider for your next purchase.

Elegant and Light: The MacBook Air

You’d be hard-pressed to find a laptop with as much history and quality behind the name as the Apple MacBook Air. All kinds of professionals use this line of machines, and they enjoy some of the following benefits by choosing the Air line of MacBook’s. 

Thin and light

The MacBook Air is well known for being Apple’s thinnest and most elegant line of laptops. Many other laptop manufacturers have even borrowed from the MacBook Air’s design to achieve the same sort of elegance. 

Heavy on specs

The MacBook Air is able to be a beautiful and thin machine, all while housing some of the most powerful technology Apple has ever stuck into its Air line. You can expect to see an Intel 10th Gen Core i3 processor, Intel graphics cards, the signature MacBook Air 13 inch gorgeous display, and storage all the way up to 2TB on your MacBook Air, depending on how much you would like to spend.

The latest in software and security

The MacBook Air line always comes with the latest in Apple’s MacOS operating system software, along with some of the latest security precautions, such as adding the popular Touch ID feature from iPhones and iPads onto the MacBook Air.

A Productivity Powerhouse: The MacBook Pro

What if you’re a serious professional who needs even beefier hardware than some of the amazing specs found in the latest line of MacBook Airs? This is not a problem for Apple, who offers another line of machines for the serious professionals. Whether you’re a software developer, a web developer, a graphic designer, or something similar, you are going to need some of the best hardware on the market to reliably get your job done. 

This is where the Apple MacBook Pro line of machines really shines. Well known for being one of the most popular line of professional computers in the business, you can expect to reap some of these benefits when choosing the MacBook Pro over the competition.

The latest and greatest in hardware specs

The latest MacBook Pros ship with some of the newest and most powerful Intel chipsets equipped, making them quite the powerhouse to be reckoned with when compared to other, similarly priced machines. You will also have the latest in graphics performance here, with the newest MacBook Pros shipping with an 8GB Radeon 5500M GPU built right in for your gaming or other graphical needs.

A much bigger display

When you are going with the more powerful and professional product line, you might also want to be able to see a bigger display so all of your content is right there and easy to work with. On the newest Pro models of MacBooks, you can get work done for days on the big and crisp 16 inch display.

Easily accessible ports

When you’re a working professional who relies on their computer to help them get things done, you often rely on external accessories such as 3rd-party mice, keyboards, and other tools you could expect to hook up to your laptop. 

You can make sure you have all the ports you will ever need on the MacBook Pro, which comes equipped with four USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports, easily accessible for you for quick data transfer between your machine and all of your various accessories.

Middle Ground: The MacBook

The MacBook Air is great for folks who want a thinner and lighter machine without sacrificing and quality or features, while the MacBook Pro is a fantastic powerhouse machine for working professionals who need the most reliable machine in the game for getting work done. What about folks who just want a great, general purpose laptop without all of the added features? 

This could be where the often underrated Apple MacBook comes into play. Known only as MacBook and dropping the Air and Pro labels, the regular MacBook is a consumer-grade machine that doesn’t compromise on quality.

A lower price for the same quality

The MacBook is more of a consumer machine aiming itself squarely at normal end-users instead of working pros. Folks looking for the cheapest price for MacBook level hardware will be pleased with this excellent and more affordable offering from Apple.

A great option for students

Due to the added affordability and portability of the MacBook, it makes a great option for college students looking for a good but more inexpensive machine to use for their studies. Kept safe in a laptop bag or backpack, it’s a perfect companion for schoolwork. 

The latest software support for years to come

Apple is well known for supporting their devices for several years after release with the latest software upgrades and security updates, and they continue this tradition with the regular MacBook line of computers. Expect up to five years of updates and the latest versions of MacOS on your MacBook.

Which MacBook Should You Choose?

Apple is well known for making quality machines that people actually want to go out and buy. When you’re ready to look for the best price for MacBook computers you can find, or just want to compare MacBook price online, you will be glad to know that there is probably a MacBook out there in your price range, just waiting on you to scoop it up, bring it home, and start using it as your powerful new computer today.