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Comparing the Latest iPhone Models

Mobile phones are reaching the point of accounting for 80% of all of the internet traffic in the world. That means that mobile phones and tablets have overtaken traditional computing platforms such as desktops and laptops in terms of usage. Someone browsing around on the internet is more likely to be using a mobile device than a dedicated computer. 

The times are changing, as they say, and with the changing times, we are beginning to see smartphones becoming more and more powerful every single year, to the point where some of them are just as powerful as the computers we use. When it comes to smartphones, you have two major options to choose from in terms of what mobile platform you would like to go with, and those are Google’s Android and the Apple iPhone. 

If you’re a fan of Apple over Android and have been thinking about picking up a new phone, if you’d like to go with another iPhone, you can quickly learn all about the latest releases from Apple and see which of the new devices will be up your alley. 

The Latest and Greatest: The iPhone 12 Lineup

Every year during September, Apple fans are treated to another taste of the iPhone latest and greatest hardware that their favorite technology company is going to be pushing out to them, and this year was no different with the announcement of the latest iPhone 12 line of devices.

These phones are powerful, brand new, and ready to make a statement. Here is a bit of what you can expect to find in each of the newest devices from Apple. 

The iPhone 12

This is the standard port of entry into the new lineup of phones. For the base model, you can get yourself a 5.4 inch display, with the latest Apple A14 Bionic chipset and the colorful Super Retina XDR screen. The latest iPhone models are also compatible with Apple’s proprietary MagSafe magnetic charging technology. 

The iPhone 12 Pro

This is the new Apple phone that really packs the most punch. It features the same set of features as the base model iPhone 12, while differentiating itself with a massive 6.1 inch display so you can really consume all of your favorite content. 

The iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini is a smaller version of the iPhone 12 that will be geared towards folks who prefer smaller devices over larger ones, much like the iPhone SE, but with 5G capabilities. 

You should also note that each of the iPhone latest models will ship with 5G capabilities. 

Still Amazing: The iPhone 11 Lineup

Speaking of powerful devices, you shouldn’t discount last year’s device lineup from Apple, which featured the still very in-demand iPhone 11. If you want something close to the new iPhone without breaking the bank, you will find that last year’s devices are still just fine. 

Here were some of the best things people really loved about choosing the iPhone 11. 

Brilliant camera array

You can take professional-grade photos with the camera array on the iPhone 11, using a dual camera setup that easily allows you to shoot in wide or ultra wide format, as well as some of the latest tricks from Apple’s camera software, such as the popular Super Slow Mo feature, and of course, the new Animojis.

A beautiful display

One of the most loved parts of the iPhone 11 lineup is the gorgeous and vibrant 6.1 inch Liquid Retina HD display. Nearly free of bezels, the screen works its way from the top of the device down to the bottom, leaving only a notch to interrupt the almost seamless melding of screen to body ratio. 

Equipped for speed

The iPhone 11 is equipped with Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, which means it is going to be blazingly fast out of the box, loading your web pages, media content, and anything else in speeds you likely haven’t seen before on a phone. 

Big Things in Small Packages: The New iPhone SE

Folks wanting to get the most bang for their buck while they compare iPhone price across the internet might be interested in checking out one more option in the iPhone roundup. 

This device is a follow-up to the very popular iPhone SE released back in 2016, and the new iPhone SE is well-equipped with some of the latest Apple tech, while still holding onto the cheapest price for iPhone you can get currently. 

Here are some of the features people love about the new iPhone SE. 

A smaller body

One of the things people loved about the first iPhone SE is how it returned to the roots of the iPhone, being roughly the same size as the iPhone 5S. The new iPhone SE carries on this tradition, allowing people who prefer smaller devices the choice to have one if they so choose. 

The latest tech inside

The iPhone SE has always been celebrated for taking some of the best in Apple’s latest technologies and sticking them inside a smaller and more affordable package. In the new iPhone SE, you will find Apple’s A13 Bionic chip powering the show, along with a 4.7 inch Retina display and quite the impressive amount of battery life, since it doesn’t have such a huge display to power. 

The most affordable iPhone

The new iPhone SE is without a doubt probably going to be the main choice of most people who just want the best price for iPhone they can find. When you choose an iPhone SE, you are getting in on the iPhone party with the lowest priced device offered from Apple. This makes this device a great entry point if you have never had an iPhone and would like to test the platform out, or you just want a cheaper iPhone without the latest bells and whistles. 

Which iPhone Will You Choose?

As you can see, you don’t have to choose the latest Apple iPhone when you’re shopping for iOS devices if you don’t necessarily need the latest and greatest tech. Apple is still offering older and alternative devices for people who might not have enough extra funds in their budget for the latest gadgets, and you can always pick up an iPhone SE or one of the older iPhone models for very affordably these days, without having to pay for the very latest Apple iPhone price. 

Whatever you end up choosing, you will soon understand why just about every iPhone owner out there is so happy with their chosen platform, and why they probably won’t be abandoning ship anytime soon.